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Who We Are

BTB Enterprises - Who We Are

In the world of business, success is dependent on correct decisions.  

You choose how you structure and run your business, whom you employ and where you want it to be located. 

You choose advisors to help you build and protect your business assets.
• Property is always a major item on your agenda, whether you own it, lease it or want it.

• When deciding on your property partner, give yourself a competitive edge. 

Choose the company that will make the difference - choose BTB ENTERPRISES

There is a difference!

What We Do

BTB Enterprises - What We Do


We save time and hassle for investors.  A collaborative approach is often suitable for experienced property investors. 

Commercial, industrial and residential investments require expert knowledge and analysis.

Only when we are confident of our findings will the appropriate short list be presented to our client for review.


As is often the case when high profile individuals or corporations are involved in the purchase of a property, the asking price can escalate, be less negotiable, and the media intrudes.

In order to combat this happening, our representation on your behalf at auctions or at private sale facilitations is completely confidential. 

If required, and as a matter of company policy, your identity will not be disclosed at any time unless required by law.

Most of the time no-one needs to know your identity at all, just certain Government agencies require it and only then and to them will it be disclosed;  NEVER TO THE MEDIA OR MEMEBRS OF THE PUBLIC OR TO THE VENDOR. 

By acting on your behalf, we can confidently assure you that we will attempt to keep the price down and the purchase private also do our best to protect you OUR CLIENT. 

Buying real estate investment property in AUSTRALIA? - choose BTB ENTERPRISES 

We will save you time and money!

Why We Do

BTB Enterprises - Why We Do

Here at BTB ENTERPRISES, the professional real estate property investment consultants.

We understand as a professional consultancy firm, the need for expedient results and the privacy our clients expect from a professional real estate property consultant.

Do you require an investment property, land, a development?

Would you prefer to lease a property or purchase the real estate investment property?  

Then we can fully assist you.

We believe in giving quality service for our clients. 

We far surpass any Real Estate Agency or other Property Consultancy Company. 



Try us ... You will be surprised! 

Hello and welcome to our website.

Here at BTB Enterprises the premier real estate investment company we believe in offering a quality service second to none.

Please take your time to pursue our website and have a thorough read of the real estate investment services we have on offer for you should you wish to use them.

We have been in the real estate investment property business for many years and have had many satisfied clients with our real estate investment property services.
We have assisted many clients in finding the right real estate investment property to suit their requirements, with minimal fuss and wasted time.

We were founded in 2007 in Newcastle NSW Australia, where we operated as real estate buyer’s agents and real estate investment property consultants till 2009 when we moved our whole operations to Sydney NSW.

After moving to Sydney we still continued to offer our high ranking premier real estate investment property services to our clients as real estate investment property consultants and real estate buyer’s agents, then furthered our operations in real estate by opening a real estate agency known as “Property Consultant Sydney” Here we offer a full range of real estate services for our clients who may wish to make use of them.

We still continued till today to find solid real estate investment property for our clients who usually are very discerning on what they invest their hard earned money into.

Knowing this about our clients has always made us extremely cautious and careful on which and what type of real estate investment property or real estate investment properties to invest in to and when are the best times to invest into real estate investment property as well.

We keep a keen eye on the market continually to ensure we are on the ball with our referrals to clients regarding developments and developers and their projects.

Some developers construct good solid properties which are located in good areas for real estate investment and some don’t. 
We only recommend the developments which have been thought out fully in our opinion by the developer; such as location, nearness to transport, schools commercial shops, such as shopping centres and other needed infrastructure to make it a real estate investment property worth us looking into for our clients. 
The annual yield must be considered as well as R.O.I. for our client.

We do not take our position lightly and we understand that you are putting your trust in us and you want a safe real estate investment property. 
All of this is constantly on our mind when we search for a good solid real estate investment property for our client.

All our staff are fully licenced real estate agents who are continually trained and updated with the latest regulations by the Office of Fair Trading as well as changes in the Federal and State Laws concerning real estate and real estate property investment.

We also keep an eye on the overseas real estate investment property market and have contacts in other countries who are also fully licenced in their own State and Country to carry out real estate duties.

We also have a number of real estate buyer’s agents on staff if you wish to have someone negotiate a lower price on a real estate investment property or attend a property auction on your behalf either interstate or internationally.

Our fully trained real estate buyer’s agents are keen to find and research a real estate investment property for you, if you find one you are interested in or have one of our real estate buyer’s agents or real estate agents do it for you. 
We will save you all the time and a lot of the expense in trying to do this yourself when you may not have much experience at it; or if you have a family or employment commitments it’s just damn annoying trying to find a new home or real estate investment property. 
Why not let one of us do all of this for you and save you all of the hassles involved.

You work long and hard for your money so do not waste it on second best or blow hard agents.
Use the premier real estate investment property company ... Use BTB Enterprises.

Use BTB Enterprises to find your next real estate investment property quickly and efficiently supplying you with a full report with pictures (if available) of your next purchase of your real estate investment property.

Even though BTB Enterprises is not qualified in any way to recommend financial institutions to clients we do have some financial intuitions we are associated with who have assisted our clients in the past.

We are always on the lookout for new and helpfully financial intuitions for our clients as well as real estate investment properties for our clients. 
So if you happen to have a real estate investment property you would like to either sell or lease out, no matter how small or large or the location contact us for a completely obligation free confidential meeting to discuss your requirements.

Disclosure of Commissions:
BTB Enterprises on occasions may receive a commission from financial institutions, real estate agents, other property professionals or developers.