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Are you a developer?
Either large or small and don’t have the time or resources to do the figures and research on your next development?
Do you require some assistance with these issues?

Then contact BTB Enterprises, the development consultants in Sydney.

We can do all the research and figures on your next development and inform you with a full detailed report on the cost of the development site, the demographics of the area you wish to construct in, how long the site has been on the market and what a fair price to pay for the site would be; NOT what the real estate agents or vendors say it is worth, but exact accurate up to date market estimate on the sites value. 
We can further report on the profit margin you should make on your development if you provide us with some figures of your construction, the time estimated to complete the construction, labour costs etc.

BTB Enterprises Sydney has been in the real estate business for many years and has assisted many clients with their real estate development's requirements. 
We have a team of earnest employees who are dedicated to assisting you in your endeavours with your construction. 
We can come to you at a time and place that meets your schedule; we understand that you are extremely busy and do not have the time to waste with inexperienced time wasters or fly by nighters. 
You will never receive this type of treatment from us as we have only one desire when we have a client and that is to satisfy their requirements to their satisfaction and hopefully gain repeat business from our client, which we have managed to do in the past, with past clients.

Our team of experts is made up from trained licenced real estate agents, real estate buyer’s agents, finance consultants, business consultants and development consultants
With a team of experts like this we can assure you we can handle most if not all enquire for assistance within these fields.

BTB Eenterprises Sydney also have a number of financial lenders we have arrangements with who we may be able to recommend to you should you require a financial top up with your development. 
These financial lenders can arrange finance from a few hundred thousand to multi millions; should you require a financial top up then contact us for a referral to one of these finance consultants.



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