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Are you are Private landlord or tenant living in a private rental? 
Are you having problems with the tenant or landlord and are not sure of your legal rights under the Residential Tenancy Act NSW 2010? 
Then contact BTB Enterprises Sydney for a consultation.

Unfortunately we are NOT Government funded in this area so we do charge a small hourly fee for the consultation and any research we are required to carry out to assist you with your landlord or tenancy issues, this also is required if we are requested to represent you at the (CTTT) Consumer, Trade and Tenancy Tribunal. 
Don’t be concerned though as our fees are small and can be paid by regular instalments if you do not have the ability to pay in full at the time.

BTB Enterprises Sydney has assisted many clients in the past with their tenancy or landlord issues, quite successfully and managed to carry out all of this in a small time span. 
We don’t drag it out for weeks to obtain more fees from you but prefer to complete the requested job quickly and efficiently for our client.

All of our employees at BTB Enterprises Sydney who would be assisting you are fully qualified real estate agents with many years of experience at the CTTT handling many cases for our clients successfully.
Normally the Principal of our business handles these CTTT cases personally as he feels it requires a tender caring and professional touch.

So if you feel you cannot resolve the issues with your landlord or tenant personally then contact BTB Enterprises Sydney for a quick consultation as this is all it may be required to find out how to handle the issues at hand and give all concerned peace of mind again.
It will be money well worth spent to have all the issues resolved easily and professionally by trained real estate persons with many years of experience in these matters; don’t risk trying to resolve it if you do not know the legal side of it or don’t know your rights and obligations to each other; it could cost you dearly with fines from the Office of Fair Trading if you’re the landlord or even an eviction if you’re the tenant.



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